FPM design team will provide professional suggestions based on 10-year machining experience.
We can not only produce yoyos, but also help draw the design as your requirements.

Why Choose FPM?

  • Jacky, the founder and owner of FPM brand.
  • He first picked up yoyo and fallen in love with it in 2001. Since then, he decided to develop yoyo as the business of his life.
  • It takes about 20 year for him to learn more about yoyos and he aims to produce the most premium yoyos for players from over the world.
  • He thinks the players try their utmost in the contest, they desire a right partner with soul to help them show the tricks perfectly.
  • Therefore, every yoyo brings their unique love from FPM.
    • High Precision
    • Premium Quality
    • On time Delivery
    • Perfect After-sales Service


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