What can we do?

YoYo Design

FPM design team will provide professional suggestions based on 10-year machining experience.
We can not only produce yoyos, but also help draw the design as your requirements.

High Precision

To mostly maintain yoyo’s concentric force in the same direction, we need to purchase about triple raw materials.
About technology, we take the way of one-step forming and ensure the high machining precision.

Perfect Surface

For aluminum yoyos, we can do solid, fade, acid wash, splash, speckle and other custom ways.
Regarding to SS and titanium, there are 5 colors for you to choose from, black, gold, rose gold, grey and rainbow color.About technology, we take the way of one-step formingand ensure the high machining precision

Why Choose FPM?

  • Jacky, the founder and owner of FPM brand.
  • He first picked up yoyo and fallen in love with it in 2001. Since then, he decided to develop yoyo as the business of his life.
  • It takes about 20 year for him to learn more about yoyos and he aims to produce the most premium yoyos for players from over the world.
  • He thinks the players try their utmost in the contest, they desire a right partner with soul to help them show the tricks perfectly.
  • Therefore, every yoyo brings their unique love from FPM.
    • High Precision
    • Premium Quality
    • On time Delivery
    • Perfect After-sales Service

How to get a yoyo?

  • Providing yoyo design(CAD files), dwg/dxf/igs/step will work well.
  • Confirming specification, we need double confirm the material, weight, dimater, width, gap width, axle, bearing, pads and anodized.
  • Confirming price, we will check the precise price based on the design and colorways.
  • Purchasing raw materials, there is need to make the reservation for materials after we get the payment.
  • Debugging machine, generally it takes for about 3-5 days to debug CNC machines and we can get the raw.
  • Beadblasting, most of clients would like to do blasting to protect the yoyos from scratching.
  • Anodized, there are many colorways for you to choose from and you just need to share the Pantone Number with us.
  • Ring machining, we will arrange the production for rings when anodized finished and it takes some time to test before official production.
  • Assembly, this is nearly the most importance work for us and we need to test time after time. We all aim to ensure the perfect performance of every yoyo.
  • Engarving, you can only provide the AI files and mockup for us, normally we can do the engraving for free.


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