Damascus Steel, why is it the one and only?
As we know, Damascus Steel is one of the best materials for knives and most of people are attracted to its uniqueness, charm and mystery.
Due to complicated manufacturing technology, we can see that there are multiple bands and mottling welded together in the surface, which is different from nomal metal materials.
Since 2016, we have noticed this special materials from one of our clients, he showed his Damascus knife. And we loved the pattern and the texture very much, so one of our goals is Damascus Steel yoyos.
After nearly six years, much progress has been made and we are keeping trying various challenges. It’s ground-breaking to succeed in manufacturing the Damascus Steel yoyos and showing the line patterns clearly.
Besides unique surface, Damascus Steel also has many superiorities, ductility, hardness, rust resistance and so on.


Now, I guess the yoyo lovers can not help picking up one, the one and only Damascus Steel yoyos.

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