New Mono-metal Design

In the past yeas, most people know us due to our bi-metal yoyos. In 2023, we want to create a stand out mono-metal yoyos, proving that we can recreate the same magic just like our bimetals.

To tackle this idea, we have to understand the essence of mono metal vs bimetal. Monometal is not about all out performance, that has been taken over my bimetal with its crazier weight distribution, so instead of trying to mimic our insane performance driven bimetal lineup like before, we took a different approach by highlighting flow and individuality of the yoyo. 

Both bimetal and mono[metal yoyos are popular among the yoyo lovers, and every design has their own unique concept. Some people like conventional but classical designs, they are never go out of style. Some people like unique designs, they can make our eyes bright. We are good at innovating, so it needs to take us more time to consider how to create a beautiful and classical design, and we make the adjustment based on the new prototypes time after time.

When we show you the new mono[metal yoyo, we think they are perfect. While clients’ guidance on the design is most welcome and we hope we can make greater progress in the future.

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